Crompton 016-02AA, 016-02VA AC Fiesta Panel Meter
Crompton AC panel meters have Crystal Clear Acrylic, weather proof integrity.
Uses "O" ring sealed front zero adjust.  3 stud fixing. Accuracy +-2%FS.  Short scale only.  
Fiesta AC/DC Data Sheet
Fiesta-016-02AA AC Amp Panel Meters.
Direct Connect 0-30 Amp input .
Transformer Rated 0-5 Amp Input. Any scale .
Fiesta Meters Price List.
Fiesta 016-02VA AC Volt Panel Meters
Direct Connect 0-600VAC
Transformer Rated 0-150VAC input.  Any Scale
Fiesta AC Volt  Meters Price List.
Fiesta 016-41SA AC Frequency Meter
110-130VAC Input
200-250VAC Input
Fiesta Frequency Meters Price.
Fiesta 016-0156A AC Timer Panel Meter
110-130VAC Input 50Hz.
200-250VAC Input 60Hz.
Fiesta Timer/Counter Price
DC Fiesta Meters
Crompton's 016-01 DC measuring instruments have Crystal Clear Acrylic,  weather
proof  "O" ring sealed front zero adjust, 3 stud fixing. Short scale=3", long scale=5"
Fiesta DC Amp Panel Meter
Specify DC shunt input and scale
Fiesta Meters Price List
Fiesta Series Analog DC Volt Panel Meter
Specify voltage input 15-600VDC
Fiesta Meters Price List